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How We Build Our Campaign

Cactus Marketing is a full-service content marketing agency with 15+ years of experience in public relations and marketing strategy in a broad array of industries. Our work over the past two years has focused on building broad-based marketing campaigns for startups in many fields, including but not limited to SaaS, web3, coaching, and venture capital.


Some of the benefits
we offer

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Stronger Brand Awareness

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Consistent Multichannel Messaging

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High Quality Lead Generation

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Cohesive Backlinking and SEO

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We help strengthen
your brand with

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GTM and Execution Strategies

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Multi-Channel Content Management

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Affiliate & Community-Based Marketing

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Social Media and Brand Development

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Meet the team!

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Henry Chen

Owner - CMO - Marketing Strategy

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Nicole Desjardins

VP Communications - Content Lead

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Mathieu Larocque

Marketing Manager


Kaysen McAdams

SEO & Content Manager

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Robbie Patterson

Design & Web Development

Paavanee Mahajan

Paavanee Mahajan

Social Media & Influencer Manager

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Ivy Cartagenas

SEO & SEM Manager

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Negial Young

Data Analysis & PPC Manager