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How We Build Our Campaign

Cactus Marketing is a full-service content marketing agency with 15+ years of experience in public relations and marketing strategy in a broad array of industries. Our work over the past two years has focused on building broad-based marketing campaigns for startups in many fields, including but not limited to SaaS, web3, coaching, and venture capital.


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Stronger Brand Awareness

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Consistent Multichannel Messaging

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High Quality Lead Generation

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Cohesive Backlinking and SEO

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We help strengthen
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GTM and Execution Strategies

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Multi-Channel Content Management

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Affiliate & Community-Based Marketing

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Social Media and Brand Development

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Meet the team!

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Henry Chen

Owner - CMO - Marketing Strategy

As the founder of Cactus, Henry brings 10+ years of marketing experience with celebrated NGOS, SaaS companies, and fintech startups. Under his guidance, Cactus has become the agency on record for brands such as Matador, ClickUp, Matry Labs, and Xsolla, with several clients currently aiming for second round seed funding and IPO.

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Nicole Desjardins

VP Communications - Content Lead

Nicole serves as the brand voice for over 15 SaaS and fintech companies, ranging from social media relations to influencer communications and press release campaigns. Working with established brands like XLA and ClickUp, as well as successful startups like Matador and Spaceground, Nicole has established firm brand identities and achieved over 1M+ impressions on written content featured on Yahoo News, The Financial Times, and Kitco News.

Mathieu Larocque

Marketing Manager

Mathieu’s curated network of vetted affiliate marketers and influencers opens up Cactus clientele to thousands of new opportunities and revenue streams. Through tried and true leadgen and relationship management, Matt’s expertise in community marketing campaigns has netted Cactus clients such as REsimpli over $1M in yearly revenue, with unparalleled email and communication outreach.

Robbie profile image

Robbie Patterson

Web Developer - UX/UI Design

Robbie’s background includes finance and web3 projects as the lead on both product and website creation. His extensive knowledge in Java, jQuery, HTML, mySQL, and Adobe makes him an invaluable resource for GTM strategy and implementation for fintech and SaaS clientele. His background includes D2C web development with streetwear brand ANML, real estate marketing service, and current Cactus clients Spaceground and Matador.

Paavanee Mahajan

Matthew Evanoff

Content Lead

Matthew’s experience in brand and reputation management encompasses his varied background in finance, mining, and the commodities industry. With his unique interest in web3, he rounds out the Cactus team by providing feedback and strategy advice on end user communications, language structure, product design, and more.

Nick Millette

Marketing Coordinator

Nick is currently completing his Bachelor of Communications in Marketing, and serves as the first point of contact for all Cactus client communication. He is the team’s designated “task master,” facilitating the idea-to-action pipeline. He coordinates all aspects of a client’s projects, manages budgets, and liaises with the Cactus team to ensure all jobs are done to perfection, start to finish.

Ivy Cartagenas

SEO Lead - Technical Web Developer

Ivy Cartagenas’ career spans over 12+ years in the Philippines, Australia, and Canada. She is a full stack marketer with experience in web management, web development, and holistic SEO solutions. She serves as the SEO and SEM coordinator for all Cactus projects from inception to launch, including Webflow and Wordpress integrations, App Store design, on and offpage SEO as well as keyword research and implementation strategy.

Syed Muhammad

Web Coordinator

Syed’s background in Management Information Systems and Marketing along with his unique skill set serves as a bridge between technology solutions and marketing. With experience working for both the largest conglomerate in Bangladesh, the "Beximco" group, as well as with startups such as Matador and Spaceground, Syed has proven to be an invaluable member of Cactus Marketing's team. Syed's knowledge of social media marketing, lead generation, and data-driven decisions make him an asset to any project he undertakes.